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“ Audacity did a brilliant job on our advertising campaign. Their creative work is exceptional and the results have greatly exceeded our expectations. Our company experienced tremendous growth over the past year with a significant contribution from an award-winning ad campaign from Audacity. ”

“ We have loved working with Audacity on some brand strategy and implementation projects. Audacity provides a strategic angle to inherently creative projects – a truly unique combination. Audacity has been a great business partner for us overall. I would highly recommend them. ”

Karen Possemato
former Sr. Director, Corporate Marketing

“ Audacity never fails to amaze me with their innovative strategic thinking and creative execution. I have worked with them on multiple product launches and campaign development. The results were remarkable, and their project management and customer service made it a pleasure to work with them. ”

“ Our team has engaged Audacity on a variety of projects requiring both creative and strategic expertise. Audacity always strives to deliver above and beyond expectations and is always on time. We truly appreciate Audacity as an agency partner that can deliver fresh ideas, solid creative and high-quality strategic work. ”

“ I worked with Audacity on a corporate level-branding project, and I was very impressed by their expertise in strategic branding. They truly know how to evaluate and build brand value so that the company can create a positive brand experience that resonates with their customers. ”

Deb Stutz
Director Biopharma Market

BRAND STRATEGY + ACTIVATION connecting strategy, science, art and technology to drive revenue


Data Drives Strategy.

Facts, rather than assumptions, are what winning brands base their decisions on. Get a clear, up-to-date picture of your markets, audiences, products, organization, competition and industry to capture actionable insights and drive winning strategies.

Stakeholder Intelligence

Perform focused research on needs, beliefs and judgments with target audiences to drive brand positioning, messaging, visual expression and go-to-market plans.

Internet Performance

Measure how your brands’ digital properties are performing to define how to maximize qualified traffic.

Brand Performance

Measure how your brands deliver at all touch points to know where to make improvements.

Social Performance

Measure and qualify conversations, identify influencers and map out communities to inform communication strategies.

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Strategy drives creative.

Armed with solid data, proceed through a deliberate, methodical exercise of strategic thinking and modeling. The result is a brand strategy that will successfully drive creative.

Brand Positioning

Develop brand attributes, positioning, promise, essence, reasons to believe and core value propositions to drive the messaging platform.

Brand Architecture

Develop a robust, brand architecture strategy to drive how to handle acquisitions and maximize the equity and value retention.

Brand Personality

Develop a set of human characteristics associated with a brand to drive engagement and attachment.

Brand Portfolio

Assess the structure and content of a portfolio and adjust to enhance customer experience and maximize overall value.

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Creative drives experience.

With a solid strategy in place, now is the time to build the core brand identity and brand expressions needed to ultimately craft engaging experiences.

Brand Naming

Develop well-crafted nomenclatures and names that are meaningful, distinctive, visual, positive, modular and protectable, to drive understanding and adoption.

Creative Platform

Bring your new brand positioning to life with a visual expression framework to be used as the foundation for all marketing communications.

Brand Identity

Create a brandmark and color palette that express your brand’s positioning, place them in your business identity system, then develop a brand standards guide that sets the rules to ensure visual integrity.

Messaging Platform

Create a matrix of messages for each key stakeholder, clearly expressing brands’ reality, to use in all communications.

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Experience drives engagement.

Bring your brand creative platforms to life in emotionally connecting, consumer-centric, digitally-focused experiences to prepare for engagement.

Responsive websites

Develop information architecture, UI-UX, front-end design, CMS, back-end and front-end development, mobile optimization and SEO.

Motion Arts

Build 3D models, animations, motion graphics, video production and put it all together to wow your audiences.

Mobile Apps

Design and develop native iOS applications for internal communication, sales support and customer experiences.

Social Platforms

Design and skin social media properties to ensure brand alignment.

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Engagement drives revenue.

Time to deploy your experience assets through paid, shared, earned and owned brand engagement, to get the word out about your brands.


Internet and digital marketing, paid search and ad campaigns.


Public relations, media relations, investor relations and internal communications.


Social channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Vimeo.


Brand websites and mobile applications.

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Management drives equity.

Carefully and proactively manage brands to maximize equity building potential and ultimately, brand value.

Brand Standards

Ensure that your brand identity system and visual/verbal expression retains its integrity through the development of brand standards.

Brand Management Workshops

Conduct live workshops to train brand and marketing teams on brand management best practices.

Brand Asset Management

Build a single digital brand center for assets and knowledge sharing, to ensure brand strength by enabling and enforcing consistency.

Brand Management Consulting

Engage our team to assess your organization’s brand management and develop specific recommendations to ensure creation and adherence to best practices.

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ADVANCED SOLUTIONS to create, position, refresh, reinvent, manage and launch your brands, from product to corporate

creation creation
refresh refresh
revitalization revitalization
launch launch
experience experience
transition transition

Bring your brand to life with a strategically crafted new brand identity, verbal and visual expression. Get a complete brand kit with winning name and identity, breathtaking visual expression, resonating messaging platform and brand standards.

Give your brand a cosmetic rejuvenation with a new powerful visual expression to convey progress and capture attention. Get a complete brand platform kit for your newly refreshed brand with winning name and identity, breathtaking visual expression, resonating messaging platform and brand standards.

Reposition your brand strategically to reclaim the attention they deserve with data-driven positioning platform realignment, and new creative and messaging platforms development. Boost brand relevance to increase revenue, command premium pricing, shorten the sales cycle and maximize valuation.

Accelerate market uptake and drive revenue to win at the go-to-market race. Leverage the power of data-driven launch strategy, channel and technology agnostic planning, flawless execution and smart monitoring, all seamlessly integrated.

Deliver a seamless and on-promise brand experience with a consistent, enjoyable and differentiating brand experience at all touch points and across the entire brand life cycle. Select experience audit, optimization or complete design from the ground up.

Maximize the value of acquired brands after an M&A, with a winning architecture strategy, a solid transition plan, and all the necessary communication tools to execute the transition plan flawlessly and maximize portfolio value.

WINNING PROCESS “brand supremacy ontogeny sequence” to power your brands to leadership

Create Compelling Stories

Stories that shape relevance and compel the audience to take notice

Build Emotional Experiences

Experiences that will be remembered when triggering an emotional response

Induce Positive Perceptions

Perceptions that are driven by emotions with the purpose of guiding preference

Foster Loyalty Behaviors

Loyalty makes your audiences select your brands with less competitive shopping

Produce Brand Value

Brand value increases as more of your audiences become more loyal

Help Drive Revenue

Revenue and ROI rise as brand value increases

WAY FORWARD towards brand supremacy

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