Branding: Leverage The Power Of Light.

We all understand the importance of design when selecting how to represent one’s brand.  Color, shape, layout – these are all among the things that instinctually come to mind.   But did you ever stop to consider the role “light” plays on your target consumers?  Not many people do. Light is something we often take for granted, whether it involves walking into a fluorescently-lit grocery store, watching mesmerized as an LCD screen illuminates our living rooms, or passing in awe through the luminous neon haven that is Las Vegas.  If color and shapes represent the body of a brand, then light must undoubtedly be the heart.

Whenever one comes into contact with a brand, light molds the consumer’s perceptions associated with it.  Light is paramount to the completion of a brand experience.  We associate light with warmth.  And what does warmth do?  It brings comfort.  Warmth reminds us of safety and security. Perhaps most importantly, it creates the gateway to emotional resonances of love and affection.  The creation of this connection at a subtle level is part of what makes other companies that provide a complete brand experience so successful.  Sure, Apple’s monster success can be traced to a simple and effective product marketing strategy, but it has just as much to do with their product design.  From iPods to iPads, they all have an easy-to-use design that makes them so appealing to the average user.  But one of the first things that inevitably draw the consumer’s attention is the cool, off-blue tone of the LCD screen.  It makes everything about the product seem fresher, even down to the colors.  Like turning on a light switch, this je ne sais quoi immediately “clicks”, and we wonder how we ever lived without this product before.

As any good brand strategist knows, if you cannot convey what your brand stands for in simple, clear terms, then you do not understand where you really want to take your product. What more simple consideration is there than light? It contributes to the atmospheric experience of your brand and works to foster those initial connections between “brand” and “consumer.”  Remember that when customizing a brand experience for your target consumers, a little light can go a long way.

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