Find out what 1,600+ new team members in 70+ locations across 30+ countries can do for you

Whether we’ve worked together in the past, you’re a current client or you’re just here to explore our options (welcome!) read on. You might very well have found exactly what you have been looking for.

Let’s cut to the chase, for 12 years we’ve successfully delivered radically differentiating branding and advertising solutions to our partners. But this year, we realized the only way we could take our global clients’ brands to the level of undeniable brand supremacy would be to join forces with a global partner.

We’re happy to say it happened. In case you haven’t heard the news, Audacity is now “A Huntsworth Health Agency.” Today, our expert team of strategists, scientists, creatives and developers are an essential part of an international group of best-in-class agencies, all working seamlessly to offer comprehensive end-to-end services and solutions.

This is huge for you. Us joining forces with the Huntsworth group brings exceptional benefits to your brands future.


While we were always successful in offering winning branding and advertising services and solutions to our clients in the life science, health and wellness spaces from our California studio, we were well aware of our geographic limitations. Extending our capabilities on a global scale required depth and expertise that we just didn’t have.

Now we do.

With more than 70 locations in over 30 countries, Huntsworth expanded our reach overnight. And with these locations comes valuable insights into managing the subtleties required to launch and communicate successfully in very different markets.

Today we can proudly say that Audacity offers you global reach with the essential local expertise needed to win.


One of the advantages you get from working with a boutique agency is that high-touch, highly specialized approach. Well guess what, we still offer that focused deep expertise, but with a much broader range of capabilities now available through our sister agencies.

While Audacity has always specialized in branding and advertising, our scope now includes even more essential touchpoints and tactics. For example, we can seamlessly expand the digital strategies we develop for your branding plan into a successful social media marketing solution. Or we can easily expand your launch communications to include a targeted public relations campaign—all through your favorite account team member you’re already working with.

As always, we’ll deliver high-touch service but now we’ll build one purpose-driven team to help your brand win in every channel.


From researchers to HCPs to consumers (patients), different market levels require different communication strategies, messaging and tactics. As part of Huntsworth Health, our scientific depth has grown tremendously—putting over 120 M.D.s, Ph.D.s and Pharm.D.s on the team to serve you.

This means we are equally comfortable developing strategies to reach decision makers in the healthcare ecosystem, valuable key opinion leaders in your space, and your end customer—whether it’s a scientist or a consumer. Our team can tangibly build brand equity by shifting perceptions and behaviors in your favor for each market level.

But most importantly there is zero learning curve with our team. Thanks to the very specific expertise in life science and healthcare communications Huntsworth Health agencies possess, we’ll know intuitively which strategy will best connect with your audience, allowing us to hit the ground running and maximize ROI.


Consistency is key when it comes to branding and advertising. Choosing one agency for PR, another for advertising and yet another to design and develop your website is a surefire way to end up with a disconnected and schizophrenic brand expression.

Build strong, consistent and relevant brands by choosing one agency that can develop and tell a single cohesive story, one that’s easily told from multiple angles.

Our team can support you beyond just marketing communications aimed at your market segments. We can also build powerful and engaging internal communication strategies, investor relations’ packages and campaigns specific to suppliers or vendors. Tap into our multi-stakeholder communications expertise to build holistic brands. And don’t forget, we have exceptionally differentiating digital services available such as video, web, motion graphics, 3D modeling and animation and more that can extend the way you communicate through multiple technical platforms—all on strategy and on target.


Still not sure we have what it takes to deliver for your brands? This might help. Even before we joined the group, Huntsworth hired Audacity for its rebranding. That’s saying a lot. Out of all the agencies they could have chosen, including those already within the group, Huntsworth trusted us with their brand.

To see one piece of this successful rebranding check out the new Huntsworth website our team created, which includes the new brand strategy, brandmark, and other branding elements.You can also explore the depth of services the Huntsworth Health agency brands offer.

Then contact us, because we’re ready to build your winning team today!

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