Traditional websites are dead. See what's next.

At Audacity, we're all about going big. You might remember we made some bold statements insisting you update your web technologies and online strategies. Well we weren't kidding. But explaining why it's important to change isn't as effective as showing you how it's done.

Welcome to the new What you see here is more than a “redesign," this is a complete and total demolition of old website ideology. We made it a truly mobile experience and pushed technologies to their limits. The result is a totally engaging new web experience.

Unlimited Access With Total Device Versatility

You've heard it before but we're saying it again, unless you have a responsive site, you will be left behind. If your site isn't universally compatible—from desktop to smartphone—then it's turning customers away. To be more direct, a non-responsive site is a useless site.

So of course total device compatibility was vital to creating a new web experience. Our technology team has identified 17 leading sizes—from the smallest smartphone (if you guessed iPhone, you're paying attention!) to a 27" desktop screen—and implemented numerous media queries to anticipate specific device requirements. We can proudly say that no matter how you get here, you'll always have an engaging experience.

Effortless Brand Connection With Streamlined Storytelling

Simple is always better. Why? Because the quicker you get to the point, the quicker a decision can be made. When it comes to brand engagement, especially in life science and healthcare industries, streamlining value propositions is the best way to create lasting connections with your audience.

For example, we distilled the vitals of Audacity down to a single page. Strategically this approach is valuable on two levels:

  • First, by putting all our important details in one place, and in a logical order, a customer learns what we do, who we are, how we're different, and why they should trust us, all in an organized manner. We put our story right in front of you—no clicking around for answers.
  • Second, a long page design is ideal for viewing on mobile devices. Gone are the days of pinching, zooming and resizing. This layout is perfect for stacking and scrolling on a phone or tablet.

It's our job to convince you that we're the right agency for your needs. By simplifying your experience, keeping you engaged from top to bottom and ultimately directing you to the end goal (contact us of course!) nothing is left to chance.

Stimulating Visual Experience Through Creativity & Innovation

Exceptional creativity and innovative technology are two things you have to see to believe. We knew we needed a platform to showcase our creativity as well as our technical capabilities in a way that made you say, “I want that!" A static website wouldn't do.

To meet this need we focused on creative ways to surprise and delight you, building anticipation and add excitement from top to bottom. From the background video that autoloads and showcases three unique angles of San Diego (two of which we shot ourselves — no stock photos here!) to unexpected features like interactive scrolling and dynamic icons, we were able to amplify our exceptional digital skills and technological expertise without spelling it out.We did that as well, but in an organic way with clear, concise messaging.

Improved Readability With Better Typography

After putting all that effort into how it looks and works, we still needed our web experience to be readable. In the past, choosing a “web friendly" font that was legible across multiple platforms was a creative hindrance. Not anymore.

Today designers have more freedom than ever to use a desirable font that renders beautifully online, while maintaining a brand's offline image. For the minimal copy we included, we chose a simple, effective and legible font that matches the Audacity brand.

Build Stronger Brands By Leveraging Leading Technology

Staying ahead of the curve in everything we do is essential. It's how we give our clients the winning edge. This means we keep a close eye on changes and advancements in development strategies and techniques. While it's customary for web developers to maintain some level of secrecy (we don't want everyone copying us do we?) we can say that our team always utilizes best-in-breed technologies to ensure the sites we develop are leading the pack, not falling behind.

When building a new web experience for our clients, we typically use the LAMP Stack configuration (this stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). This package of technologies works together to ensure a site is fast, and maintains its integrity while minimizing interruptions. Naturally we used it for

In addition, to get the versatility we required, our team leveraged the latest from HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, pushing these platforms to the limit. We built this web experience for the future, not the past; so it made sense for our team to stretch these technologies as far as they can go.

Speaking of the future, did you notice the video background? Well that asset is not just a visual differentiator, it also required ingenuity to make it work. Our team found the right technologies to ensure the video not only loaded on every site entry, but with an alternate version each time. Since there are still some old browsers out there, the team went the extra mile to create graceful fallback images, so no matter what, every web experience is captivating.

Strengthen Your Brand Experience Now

Your website is the best asset in your marketing arsenal and you should use it to destroy your competition. If you think your web experience is “just fine," well good for you. But if what you see here gets you hungry for something better and you're ready to build lasting relationships with your customers, then contact us. If you're still not convinced, our “7 Compelling Reasons To Work With Us" might help change your mind.

Please rotate your device for the best viewing experience. Please rotate your device for the best viewing experience.

Please rotate your device for the best viewing experience.