How We Set A New Standard In Diagnostic Quality Controls

Placing the human impact at the core of test accuracy

Big Idea
Because QC Accuracy Matters

Life Technologies

Molecular Diagnostic QC Product Launch

Life Technologies Corporation (a Thermo Fisher Scientific brand) is a global biotechnology company committed to providing innovative products and services in scientific research, genetic analysis and applied sciences. The company offers more than 50,000 products and solutions in over 180 countries.


In a clinical laboratory, the accuracy of an assay can mean the difference between life and death for patients. Yet many labs still use “home brew” controls to verify tests—an option that doesn’t guarantee accuracy due to extreme uncontrolled variability. Enter Life Technologies and the introduction of its AcroMetrix line of molecular diagnostic quality controls and standards. This new option was poised to set a new “gold standard” for labs, one that provides 100% test accuracy.

Big Idea

The only way people change is if they believe they have to change. Through a smart strategy that established a connecting line between a lab’s choice in controls and its effect on human health, our objective was to inspire lab decision makers to rethink the value of QC accuracy. Who better to showcase that value than the patients who are affected? Powerful and emotionally connecting images of patients paired with reassuring hands symbolizing the power of knowing for sure, with the precise message “Because QC Accuracy Matters” created a radically different campaign that was groundbreaking in the diagnostic control space.


In addition to setting a new standard in how highly technical products should be marketed – using emotions as opposed to typical data and science – this integrated campaign direction was rewarded for its ingenuity, taking third place in the “Best Integrated Online and Print Campaign” category at the Dx Creative Communications Awards put on by DXMA in 2013.


Award-Winning Ad Campaign

AcroMetrix products specifically target diseases that affect women’s health. To drive home this impact, we selected images of women in various stages of life. The emotional connection to the audience is heightened through deep color saturation paired with the somber expression of relief on the women’s faces. To represent the support and contribution a researcher can make to a patient’s calm state, hands are shown placed gently on each woman in a caring manner.


Engaging Digital Assets

Today an integrated marketing campaign doesn’t stop with print advertising. Key online advertising placement was a natural extension of this launch plan, with each ad leading directly to a microsite that contained vital information and downloadable assets. To further drive home the value of the AcroMetrix product line to current and potential Life Technologies customers we created, deployed and tracked a direct marketing targeted email campaign. Success across the board was achieved through seamless integration of the impactful visual and messaging elements across all media platforms.

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